Non-payment of Rent

The non-payment of rent in situations of economic difficulties can cause an eviction of the tenant.

When we find that a tenant cannot afford the rent, the best solution is to try mediation between the parties, and especially online mediation since sometimes the parties do not want to share physical space, in order to reach a solution to agree how past and future payments will be made.

"If the tenant is in a situation of economic vulnerability, he can request the owner the temporary and extraordinary deferment of the rent payment."

The government has adopted measures to procure the moratorium on tenancy debt for tenants of habitual residence in a situation of economic vulnerability due to COVID-19. This leads to the temporary postponement in the payment of the rent, provided that said postponement or the total or partial cancellation of the same had not already been obtained voluntarily by agreement between both parties.

We must all be understanding at this time and "put ourselves in the shoes of the other."

The parties can mediate with the help of a mediator and find possible solutions to these exceptional situations of default by the tenants.

An agreement will always be better than a sentence.

M.Jesus Salinas

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