From care receiver to caregiver

Conflict between siblings and siblings-in-law, in other words, family confrontation over the care of parents as they age.

Couples also resent it if one does not have the support of the other, since the caregiver suffers greatly seeing the parent deteriorate physically and mentally.

Declining elder parents can become the focus in the family if their care stresses an otherwise happy family. Many times, conflicts could be avoided with the help of a mediator.

Our day-to-day existence is already sufficiently overwhelmed with work, family, children and social life that when these needs arise, we must know how to also fit in the care of parents.

"Go to the Balcony"

When conflicts arise, communication between the parties deteriorates. The way in which an emotional distance can be achieved and the conflict can be evaluated from another perspective is through the figure of the mediator.

There will be negotiation if you maintain a conversation and this will be the task of the mediator. Diagnose the conflict and analyze what the possible disagreements are in order to find a balance.

The mediator separates people from problems, humanizes the parties, identifies interests and needs.

Online Mediation: "The New Normal"

The foreseeable economic crisis arising from COVID 19 will create a catastrophe for many families.

The close quarters endured during the period of confinement has increased the friction in couples, causing certain conflicts. These usually arise in summer times where moments of tension and stress are generated by spending a lot of time together, reuniting in their rest times outside the routine and maelstrom of the day-to-day. That is why divorces in September increase by 30%.

We have read in this period of confinement news that alerted us to the increase in consultations for divorce and to reduce alimony.

Non-payment of Rent

The non-payment of rent in situations of economic difficulties can cause an eviction of the tenant.

When we find that a tenant cannot afford the rent, the best solution is to try mediation between the parties, and especially online mediation since sometimes the parties do not want to share physical space, in order to reach a solution to agree how past and future payments will be made.