Are you currently in conflict with another party?

I can help you resolve your legal problem without going to trial. 

Save yourself time and money.

Why choose mediation?

I help my clients avoid the emotional drain that any legal dispute may generate.

1 %

With mediation you will save up to 78% of the costs incurred in conflict resolution in court.

1 %

80% of those who voluntarily go through a mediation process reach an agreement.


The average duration in Spain of a civil procedure before COVID-19 was 7.6 months

What is mediation?

With my help, the parties involved will generate their own solutions in order to reach an agreement, reestablishing dialogue and communication.

What conflicts?

Mediation is useful for speedy resolution of divorces, mortgage problems, labor disputes, school conflicts, disputes with the neighborhood community or even between companies.


Do you want a judge to decide whom your children will be with during the holidays when you yourself could decide?

Didn't you come to an agreement with your ex about the education of your children?

My sister does not help me financially with the support of our parents. How can I resolve that?


My community of property owners is charging expenses, but I cannot afford them. Could I ask them to mediate to reach an agreement that lets me pay them with a grace period?  

Are you owed money and don't know how to claim it?

Having trouble paying your rent and don't know how to tell the landlord?

Your tenant is not paying you the rent. Have you tried mediation as an alternative method of conflict resolution?

Is your child involved in a school conflict that you don't know how to manage?


A 21st century company needs win-win based models to solve labor conflicts.

Go to mediation before the conflict escalates.

A judicial delay can have severe repercussions for the company.

See you out of court!

Better online

95% of matters can be dealt with online.

Elimination of geographical barriers.

Avoid sharing the same physical space.

Immediacy in communications.

Change of habits.

Social distancing.

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